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Sarah Boush is thrilled to be a member of the Paralleled cast, and especially excited to portray the role of Alice! She has been singing, dancing, and acting since elementary school. As a junior, she has been in the cast of many productions here at Algonquin, including Chicago (Roxie), Mamma Mia! (Sophie), and The Laramie Project (Kerry Drake/Kristin Price). This summer, she will be attending the three-week Boston Conservatory Musical Theater Acting Intensive Program to further develop her performance skills. Sarah would like to thank the music and drama department here at Algonquin for all of their support both for her path in theater and for this student production. She hopes you love this show as much as she does!



Sonja Mott is incredibly excited and forever grateful for the opportunity to be involved in a project with such substance, and to do it alongside some of her best friends. Sonja is a senior at Algonquin Regional High School and has been involved in school productions since 6th grade, but she has never been challenged in this way to take on the persona and emotional range of a character such as IM. Sonja has been granted the opportunity to pursue Art Education at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the fall, to hopefully teach a new generation about how they too can pursue art. Lastly, she would like to thank her best friend, Miranda Slingluff, the creative mastermind behind this project. Sonja is eternally thankful that Miranda trusted her enough to bring the complex character of IM to life. This is truly a unique experience. Thank you.



Juan is beyond excited to be able to play the role of Isaac in Paralleled. He feels fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to play a character with such an uplifting presence and an incredible arc. Juan is a junior at Algonquin Regional High School, and he has grown close with the fine arts department over the past 3 years. Juan has been acting since the 3rd grade, and he has been involved in either school or community theater shows. From performing at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester during a summer musical intensive of Shrek to his most recent role as Harry, in Mamma Mia! the musical at Algonquin last school year, Juan tries to experience the best. After high school, Juan plans on going to college for International Business and/or Marketing, while doing some acting on the side. Juan wants to thank his parents for rearranging the family schedule in order to fit rehearsals in, and also director Miranda Slingluff for providing him immense support on his work, and for putting this beautiful script in his hands. Juan hopes everyone can enjoy the show as much as possible....but try not to make fun of his dancing so much ;).



Mari Fellenbaum is a junior at Algonquin and is so excited to be a part of the wonderful Paralleled team! Over the past three years, she has been a part of seven productions with the Algonquin drama department. Mari is also involved with the Algonquin Writing Center, the Relay for Life Committee, and the Beekeeping Club. Mari has loved performing for as long as she can remember—she was in her first musical when she was just 8 years old! She is honored to be taking on the role of Shay and to take part in such a unique theater experience with some of her closest friends. She wants to thank her mom, dad, step-parents, and many siblings for their continued support and love throughout her theater endeavors. She hopes you enjoy the show!



Thomas Davis is incredibly excited to play Jack in Paralleled. He is a junior at Algonquin and has been performing in shows since 7th grade. He has always enjoyed acting and loves to perform. Thomas plans to act on the side throughout his life. He would like to thank everyone on the team for their hard work and dedication to the show. Thomas hopes that you enjoy the performance!



Abbie Lemieux plays Nell Winter and is the choreographer of Paralleled. She is a senior at Algonquin and has been dancing since she was two and acting since she was six. In addition to her theatrical pursuits, she trains at Elizabeth Wall Voice Studio and Rhythm Dance Company in many dance styles ranging from pointe to hip hop. She will be attending Manhattan School of Music to study musical theater in the fall, where she wants to continue choreographing. Abbie wants to thank her friends and family (especially her mom) for supporting her through this crazy time. She would also like to thank the cast and crew for making this an amazing experience, and Miranda for giving her her first job as a choreographer!


Dr. Lynn

Caroline Raps is excited to be part of the cast of Paralleled, playing Dr. Lynn. When Caroline isn’t pretending to be an astrophysics professor, she spends her time creating art and acting in other productions. She’s active in NAHS (vice president of communications), and art-related community service. This fall, Caroline will be heading to the School of Visual Arts in New York City to major in 2D Animation! She’s positive everyone coming to see Paralleled will have a wonderful time.



Matt Curley is honored to be a member of the cast for Paralleled. He is playing the roles of Mark, a college stoner, and Bruce, Alice’s father, which he has come to learn are two very different characters. Matt is a founder of Musicians Inspiring Change, as well a dedicated member of the AWC, Tri-M, NEHS, and a number of ensembles at Algonquin. As a junior, Matt has begun planning for college, where he hopes to study civil engineering and remain involved with the performing arts. Above all, he hopes you enjoy the return of live performances, and, most importantly, this one!



Emily Ferencsik loves playing Lydia in Paralleled the musical, one of the confident, smart students you will get to know in the show. Emily is a junior at Algonquin and has done chorus for over 6 years. She participated in Tri-M for the past three years and is in two acapella groups at the school. She would like to thank her team for being boss and for helping her with this fun role. Emily hopes you have fun on the emotional rollercoaster of a show we call Paralleled.



Miranda Slingluff has been involved in the performing arts for over a decade and is thrilled to present her first original musical. Miranda has participated in several theatrical productions including Chicago (Velma Kelly), Mamma Mia! (Donna Sheridan), and The Addams Family (Morticia Addams). As a senior at Algonquin, Miranda is the co-leader of both Algoncapella and Ladies First, along with a member of Needs Improv-ment. Miranda will be attending The Boston Conservatory in the Fall to receive a BFA in Musical Theatre, and hopes to continue writing and directing throughout her career. She would like to thank her family, friends, and the entire Paralleled team for believing in this project.



Dan Boush is a sophomore at Algonquin and has been in many different high school shows. He was in Mamma Mia! (ensemble), The Laramie Project (Aaron Kreifels), and the 2021 Improv show (Needs Improv-ment). Dan is also a member of Algoncapella and has played guitar for a year and piano for three years. He is really excited to perform in Paralleled as Scott, and is thankful to those who have made this show possible.